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Nobody gives detours if you have presentes your knowledge in a clear and conscious way. Mental culture is not more than the satisfactory way they should funcionar the mind when your activity is stimulated. He often speaks of learning as if we were watching the open pages of all the books that we have read, and then cuando the occasion arises, choose page PUR-component to read aloud to the universe. I was much struck by paralysis of the pensamiento induced in the alum – us by the accumulation without conocimientos precise, inert and useless object. Prin-cipal purpose of a college professor should be displayed in your real caracter, this is, like an ignorant man who thinks, that utiliza actively that small portion of knowledge. In a sense, knowledge decreases as increases wisdom, since the details are absorbed by the prin-principles. Details of knowledge that are important, is aprenderan ad hoc in every circumstance of life, for the habit of the active use of well understood principles is the final posesion of wisdom). In these lines of Whitehead, although it refers especially to university education, remaining patent differences between education for memory and data, and an education that is intelligent activity and search for para skills to continue learning and to functionally Avai-ner of the information, or devise new truth if necessary.

The consideration of knowledge as fixed also determines the esci-sion between child and adult. We usually link schooling and learning with children. (This Mannheim has already observed it). Because the adult (or grown) was precisamente which did not have to go to school, he had received that basic share of knowledge, that essential dose and definitiva of truths you already could stay quiet. Be an adult was not having to study more. It saw no reason to seguir learning. But that was valid reason for a culture estatica is it only in our time. Other leaders such as ???? offer similar insights.

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