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These allow meaningful analysis of the behavior of the recipient: how many recipients have received the E-mailing. How many have opened it? What seminars interested readers? The seminars have been booked? How often do I forwarded the newsletter? Be sent, however, 5,000 seminars by mail, the seminar provider has no possibilities to understand percentage how many recipients have actually received the mailing, which topics especially interested in it and whether they have recommended the company. Cyrus Massoumi married is actively involved in the matter. 4. profiling and data mining the above possibilities for evaluating information (especially open, click – and in notification rates for individual seminars) allow the creation of individual customer profiles and a precise target group segmentation. The Newsletterinhalte are data mining by using analog to the in previous newsletters individualized reading interests. So, who cares the last three shipments for the marketing seminars in the future informed marketing seminars and who has clicked, for example, always the financial seminars, receive continue current offers from this sector. This produces a higher attention to the interested parties and leads to increased response and on reporting rates.

5. significant cost savings costs including printing, handling and postage between 600 and 1,000 euro a quality post mailing verse ending with, for example, 2,000 letters. Seminar providers with equal number of recipients can save for an electronic newsletter with a price of 300 euros between 25 and 50% of the costs. This medium completely required material and printing costs. mailing is not a complete substitute for a postal mailing too if the E-mailing in comparison has many advantages, it is not the best option in any case. A well crafted post mailing especially impresses with its haptic. Therefore, it makes sense to not completely attributable to the print medium to the past. Specialized online marketing agencies, educators can get expert advice for the right balance of the two opponents.

mailing versus-post-mailing.html the marketing agency marmato supervised more than 25 educational company in the field of E-mailings and is the leading email marketing service provider in the German-speaking world. We ensure the successful and professional marketing of your education with great passion, expertise and hard work.

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