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In the ancient Greek epic, Homer's "Iliad", the hero of the Trojan War, Agamemnon, from all the other characters in different unparalleled bravery, and almost all the famous deeds. It would be nice if we did not note that the history of It is clear that Agamemnon was the king of Mykene. According to historical data from the Trojan War took place because Paris stole, Helen beautiful, wife of Menelaus, who was the brother of Agamemnon. It is also known that Menelaus with Agamemnon persuaded the Greek rulers to participate in the war against Troy. I must say that Agamemnon was the leader of the Greek troops. During bloody fighting, the Greek army defeated the Trojans army, but fate was not kind to Agamemnon. During the absence of her husband, the wife of Agamemnon Clytemnestra had betrayed him with his cousin, Aegisthus, and together they conceived to get rid of the legal husband.

Clytemnestra and Aegisthus together performed their insidious plan and get rid of Agamemnon with his new love Cassandra. Sure, it is worth mentioning that the sad fate of the Mycenaean king began a plot of almost all Greek tragedies. Mycenae is a city which was ruled by King Agamemnon, who was the center of a great civilization, which existed from 1600 to 1100 before our era. An interesting fact is that many of the pottery and other items from Mycenae, made during this time period, archaeologists searched for Cyprus, Italy, Palestine, Egypt and Syria. World famous German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, an amateur (1822 – 1890 years), during the excavation of the ruins of the city Mikenv, 1874 was found in the sepulchres of the remains of buried people, a tool and jewels. The most important of its discovery, this unique mask, made of gold. Schliemann was convinced that this is a mask of Agamemnon – Greek commander during the Trojan War.

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