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The politician criollo as it was presumably was in some rumba away from home. Emilio was on the verge of achieving that the illustrious lady came out at that hour, in nightwear to call your buddy to put him in contact with the leader of the 19 M the poor lady was forced to answer a broad question related to the number of votes that would put the city in favour of the list of the 19 M, the place that were going to appear the votes and the name and number of cedula of the jury’s vote. Lady wanted to collaborate but also very sleepy. Perhaps check out American Journal of Education for more information. All questions answered not is not, and sincerely regretted not reply with more information to collaborate with this character which had a deep admiration. After half an hour his interlocutor said goodbye to leaving a phone number so that her husband would return the call when he return of the feast.

The next day when the Creole politician made his call in the midst of a monumental guava, answered him from a funeral home where, they of course didn’t Antonio Navarro, he was instead offered an excellent plan funeral services, prepaid, through the cancellation of a modest monthly sum of lifetime. Here, Opportunity and Counseling Corps expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Emilio continued his pranks. He called the rector of the College at 3 of the tomorrow to ask if they were open you’ll sign them and what was the cost of the monthly payment; called the priest to confess; to the Mayor to ask when placed the aqueduct in his neighborhood and a distinguished Patriarch of 85 years to invite him to get us a smoking of marijuana. At 5 in the morning Emilio finished the program gave the turn Tomas Perez Ramirez, who gave instructions that do not wake him up or allowed another person do it because I was very tired.

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