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Drug prevention and education promotes a drug-free world according to worldwide approximately 200 million people took the drug report 2008 of the Office of the United Nations on drugs and crime-fighting illegal drugs. The opium cultivation rose by 17 percent. The cultivation of cocaine increased up to 29 percent. Without hesitation Journal of Teacher Education explained all about the problem. Despite this increase, the number of consumers remained relatively constant. By CARITAS international, it was stressed that alternative housing program would result in any solution. The attention in the individual countries must be guided more and more on prevention and education. Also amphetamine-type substances, which are consumed by more than 40 million people worldwide are among the dangerous drugs. This includes methamphetamine depending on making even the heaviest falls.

It is nowadays like consumed to by pupils, students and managers was to keep the pressure. The duration of this dangerous drug is normal taking 12 to 30 hours. At higher doses even up to 72 hours. Ron Daniels may also support this cause. The body’s performance is norepinephrine released by the revenue. At the same time distributes the body of dopamine, which increases self-esteem.

Suppress hunger as also the need for sleep. Similar in the new and very dangerous fashion drug Tilidine methamphetamine increased risk-taking and suppresses the sensation of pain. Methamphetamines are offered as tablets (Jaba) or as a powder (Crystal). Other names for this are meth, Shabu, or speed. Crystal Meth is a dangerous and highly potent chemical substance and – like all drugs – a poison that first stimulates and then systematically destroyed the body. For the first time this drug in the Third Reich under the name pervitin was marketed and the men of the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe, to reduce anxiety and increase performance and ability to concentrate. The same happened in the Viet Nam war. This drug was given the American soldiers, so these were powerful and the fears were suppressed. Methamphetamine is an illegal drug in the same Category such as, for example, cocaine. It is subject to the Federal Narcotics Law. Therefore, the possession, acquisition and trade with this substance is punishable. According to a survey the Association conducted, say no to drugs, say yes to life “54% 16 of up 19-fahirgen Germans have already been mentioned by dealers. So-called friends who encourage drug use do the rest. Almost no young people coming fail to take a stand. Either for or against the psycho pill or promising “white powder. It’s hard to make a decision, if you don’t know exactly why you should say no. For this reason are at the Club say no to drugs, say yes to life “10 different booklets available free of charge, include the facts about the different drugs and the individual arguments are to say no to drugs. ‘”S ag no to drugs, say yes to life ‘ offers Drogenaufklarungs – and prevention campaigns that were launched by the Church of Scientology International in life. Information materials are first and foremost about Distributed drugs and their effects on personality, mind and body. Experience has shown that people take no drugs, if they understand the destructive effects. And for those who no longer down come from drugs, L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology has developed religion, a pioneering drug rehabilitation program, offering a way those affected to find again in a drug-free life. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V.

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