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At present, education psychologists manifested a recognition that there is a riverbed in development and learning that can be considered natural, universal or only direct product of belonging to a medium of learning normal or ideal, alien to the demands, values and social practices that arise from specific society and culture. Educational psychologists have to recognize that it is society that configures the practices that constitute modern childhood and educational action constitutes the driving force behind the development of the person. For even more opinions, read materials from Carson Wen. Therefore, the training processes for intervention and research in educational psychology require tack toward an integrative approach or ecological. Seeking to expand the areas of intervention of the educational psychologist: new spaces of professional intervention a major challenge for the new educational psychologist will be expanding the profile and traditional image of the Decade of the eighties, of the children’s and school psychologist, formed to serve above all population specialist, urban and middle-class, with a support on an individual or one-person and approach similar to the intervention of the clinicalto arrive at one view more contextualized, ecological and systematic. Traditionally the work of the education psychology professional, what touches to the understanding of the problem and the attention of the educational needs of these groups has been limited. For this reason in sight the need for educational psychologist to develop skills that will enable you to generate facilitators or significant learning environments in multiple, not just school and urban contexts. We have mentioned the necessity of decentering the work of the educational psychologist, which traditionally has placed in the education school and child, close to other contexts, among these we refer to the continuing education and distance, in anticipation of the great expansion that is will experience in the coming years. Educational psychologist requires intervene with a vision renewed in serious problems and educational inequalities that prevail in Mexico and are expressed in the low academic achievement, the disapproval, backwardness, desertion, the deficiencies in the professionalization of teachers, among others.

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