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Through the introduction of spices and honey product purchased an excellent taste. Sbiten Fir – a dietary product. It is made from natural raw materials. Brought down a few spoonfuls of our might fully compensate for the basic human need for vitamins. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nike on most websites. Its use is especially useful during bad weather, threatening vitamin deficiency, physical and nervous exhaustion, the threat of epidemics of influenza and other common cold infections. Sbiten Fir is manufactured in two variants. In one of the dominant spice is ginger in the other – sage.

Sbiten Ginger also features a high content of extracts of nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Hence some differences in taste and effect of the product. If Sbiten with ginger is hot spicy flavor, then brought down with sage – sweet and soft honey tone and flavor. The main products of the biological effect of virtually identical: both effective in protecting against aerosol and intestinal infections, and improves immune sosudoukreplyayuschee action are a good source of vitamins. Levi’s can provide more clarity in the matter. But there are some differences.

Sbiten Fir C GINGER and Propolis: suppresses nausea, flatulence, effectively relieves spasms of the different and helps with motion sickness, relieves pain during menses. Ginger is an ancient medicinal and most popular eastern spiciness. In India and China, ginger is used as a universal cure, stimulant, emollient, overwhelming nausea, bloating, pain and inflammation in joints, abdominal cramps and female diseases. From time immemorial have these people it is the first resort in fainting, shock, as a drug that improves blood circulation and function of the stomach, insomnia, acute poisoning, asthma and many other cases of ill health. Sbiten Fir with sage and Propolis: a well-marked anti-inflammatory properties; disinfects the oral cavity, helping to cope with inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx and oral cavity, eliminating the development of stomatitis, periodontal disease, tooth decay, etc., normalizes the monthly cycles in women, prevents the development of prostatitis in men. Continue to learn more with: Carson Wen. Sage in the Middle Ages was the most desirable and popular plants in vegetable gardens pharmacy monastic gardens. After the epidemic of women forced to consume salvia, to multiply more people. Sage is used as a remedy in the form of tea by women in violation of the cycle and infertility. In the period Menopause herb sage used against various ailments associated with this period. Herb sage is also used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with an upset stomach as a rinse for infections upper respiratory tract and inflammation of the gums, throat and mouth. To prepare the drink is enough to dissolve 1-2 teaspoons in a cup of boiling water and drink is ready. So as a part of our used and brought down Other natural sweeteners (concentrated fruit juices, malt extract, stevia), it turns out low-calorie but sweet drink, and most importantly – low glucose. This is especially important for people with reduced resistance to glucose. Drink a hot drink should be in small sips. Volatile and spices begin to fir partially sorbed already in the mouth. Like garlic, they protect against infection, but at the same time not discouraging others, and making you more attractive.

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