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Years behind, it was very common, in the agricultural zones and cities deinterior, perhaps nor in all the cities, this in Minas Gerais, the special lunch dedomingo with the traditional one being macarronada, either it with gravy simplesou with sausage pieces that always were ' ' pura' ' , of meat of pig, manufactured in house, therefore, also &#039 was common; ' engordar' ' a little pig. This macarronada, generally, was served, in special, in the anniversaries, baptisms. When the family if congregated except these dates the chicken is that she predominated. Such which the little pig, this also was bred in the yards. It was arisen early and in the hour of the treatment &#039 was observed; ' leg amarela' ' , thus he was called, that it would be in the hour abates of it. It was all fact of muitoartesanal form e, with a process very delayed. Whenever the chicken served itself, that was in the pan, and estapanela always was a casserole, if it did not use to place in crosspieces, there the best pieces noestavam that were the thighs, on-thighs, or saint antniocomo was called, and the chest, these were taken off to the part for the FATHER and they demaiseram finally for the visits that for happiness were in house and, for osdemais.

For the mother and the children they were with the feet, neck, head, wing and ascostelas. The mothers, generally, ' ' educavam' ' the children to this respeitoe normally did not have claims. This teaching not only became umcostume, but, a value, as well as in other histories. Nowadays in the agricultural zones still the yellow leg exists, but the custom is not more common and in the cities he was extinct of time, therefore today secompra the chicken in pieces being able the person to choose if the thighs that always soacompanhadas of the one on thighs or only the chest as well as other pieces.

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