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A new period in the history of national pedagogy begins with the emergence of a new Russian capital – St. Petersburg. In 1709, in St. Petersburg there was one school, and by 1725 the city was already working a number of general and vocational schools. At this point, the St.

Petersburg school began to develop in several directions: first, began to develop the construction of schools for the city, and secondly, there was a focus on development of an elite education for the nobility, and third, for commoners to work in regular school. In the first half of XVIII century. educational institutions of St. Petersburg continued to exist, even though that had large difficulties in attracting students. Gerald Weissmann, MD often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In this regard, there was a need for teachers.

But at that time Russia had no higher education for teacher education, so teachers are people who were far removed from teaching. Therefore, the government was forced to invite teachers from Moscow and from abroad to teach in higher education. Any more or less educated person was perceived as potential teacher. And as elementary school teachers were invited by people of diverse activities. During this period also involved in teaching private teachers, but their services were in mostly well-off families, or are available to private schools and boarding houses. As a result of this work have been major changes in the development of school education – the first steps to establish a state school for the general population of the city, was founded several schools for children of both sexes. The first school to train teachers began seminary. This was the beginning of the modern education system. In St. Petersburg school teachers employed many masters. There were whole dynasties of teachers. The younger generation of teachers teaching dynasty takes the baton of professional values, at the same time making adjustments in teacher education, in demand at the moment.

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