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To my skinny senses that flee from me, to them it said to them: " I am wanted to go, I wanted to laugh, I wanted sentir" I am bad because I watch at the other over the shoulder, because dream doves in my window, I am bad because ground to think about the shade, since single way, under a dark mantle, I am bad since deep breathing and nothing I know, what the other only say. Italy second mother country of Mary Avoids, of Avoids Chary, of Barrel Eva, second virtue, great is ITALY, Italy is solid. To know how to work to obtain what it is wanted, to progress, step by step between the shades and the sponges that absorb these and pleasures, to do it in vacations under the sun, in winter, on the snow, but coverall, with love. I received calls telephone that sounded, I do not support more to them, my death does not take to anything, a man of dark voice says to me that little I have left, I know that it is a great threat, says also it says if you know or you are going to disappear I feel scared and impotent, leave thinking me I am young to die. Ring Ring Ring the one that with a handkerchief speaks in its mouth is a coward Not that is are called hard, disturbing what I can do. Resigning with my life that was so bad, the life that was called on to me to live, to do it step by step, I look for to be shining with my luck, wonderful, intelligent, likeable and good friend. Until soon. Magdalena did not want to be always gotten depressed and thinking that it went to him bad, so decided to be a traveller visited Marine dor, Benicassim, Oropesa of the sea, Pescola, Barcelona, Girona, Paris, Orleans, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Belgium, Sorceresses, Rome, Urbino, Ancona, Florence, Pisa, Lisbon, Oporto and many other places that enchanted to him removed and it from the monotony.

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