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In the primrdios of the humanity, the woman represented the domination. The holy ghost act of the creation was attributed it individually, a time that the life if renews in its viscera. The men did not have notion of that through a partner if he gave the conception. Later, the necessity of subsistir facing the perigos of the nature as animal of great transport and warriors of the neighboring tribes displayed the male and conferred prominence place to it. It started to dominate not but the enemies, but also the friend, whom before he protected and he idolatrava. In the advent of the deity, the principle was impersonatied for a Goddess: this symbolism was translated into ocidente in the figure of Gia, the land, that alone, without, the aid of the masculine counterpart, gave to origin the Uranus. Joining it this, generated all later the language of the Greek panteo.

It frosts can be identified as the proper Mother Nature, inexhaustible reserve of fecundidade. More ahead, the myth of Demter, Goddess of the Harvest, strengthens the direction of that the deity was related to the feminine one, mainly for its characteristics of supplier of the life and the resources to keep it. Demter, however, as Mother-Nature, when irada it was capable of finally to everything through its uncontrollable one being able of destruction. Thus, she was feared and respected. For occasion of the abduction of its son, the virginal Persfone, the saddened Goddess became the barren land, disturbing the order of the world, size was its power.

Discovering the paradeiro of the son, it asked for Zeus, the Supreme God, who commanded the abductor put who it in freedom. Taking care of to the determination of Zeus, Hades, Mr. of the hells, he had to return to the Demter the stolen son. The Persfone ingenuous, however, having known the kingdom of the deepenings and proven a seed of Rome, becomes wife of Hades and, therefore, she could only remain in company of the mother during two teros of the year.

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