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Frequently, the term “Lake Schifferpatent misunderstood.” But what exactly is it that Lake Schifferpatent who needs it and what you can to start everything Exactly to these questions will be given here, and received answers. The Lake Schifferpatent distinction is for pleasure crafts in two categories: firstly, in the Lake Schifferpatent Cat A This is on Lake Constance for recreational craft (boats) with more than 4.4 kW (6 hp required) performance. But skippers of sailing yachts and sailboats with auxiliary engines with more than 4.4 kW need the Constance A. Schifferpatent Cat important point here is far too aware that the sport boat must have a valid Bodenseezulassung. Next there is the Lake Schifferpatent Kat D.: This is officially required to operate a sail boat and sailing yachts with more than 12 sqm sail area and also applies in principle only on Lake Constance. It is important that exceeds the skipper a sailing yacht with auxiliary engine, its performance 6 hp, also theConstance Schifferpatent Class A required. As mentioned above, the Lake Schifferpatent basically applies only to Lake Constance and Lake Constance is also required of all skippers who want to lead a patentpflichtiges sport boat on Lake Constance. But, owner of Lake boatmasters this can be rewritten at the request and without further examination in the official boating license within (in the respective category). Thus it is then entitled in principle to control recreational craft in (almost) all over Europe to Inland. Conversely, does it not, moreover, that is, within the official boating license can not be rewritten without further investigation into the Lake Schifferpatent. Another advantage provided by the on Lake Schifferpatent: A good nautical or sailing school students can check their sails with the Lake Schifferpatent the so-called navigation. While this includes something more than just ease of navigation, bringing the candidate the advantage, however, that he later official forSportbootfuehrerschein See) (for the sea only a theory course followed by a theoretical examination must visit. From practice it is then freed. Thus we see that the Lake Schifferpatent (in many ways an ideal starting position in the beautiful amateur watersports boat driver or whether it is sailing). For questions please advise your sailing school certainly happy.

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