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Divorce and new marriage Unfastening ' ' knot cego' ' Much has been said on this question. Sincere brothers have asked to me regarding this subject, that stops many is one ' ' knot cego' ' difficult of if unfastening. I also stow, for much time, confused regarding this subject; however, one day a sister asked for to me for teaching to it on it, therefore as its shepherd, had the responsibility to instruct it concernente to ' ' New divorce and casamento' '. But as to instruct when you yourselves it does not know the subject? Then, I was obliged to all chew some the 45 books to on this question dificlima; they had been some hours and days studying, to be able to teach that sedenta sheep of knowledge of the word. Bank of Asia may also support this cause. When he was in the end of that one ' ' it saw dolorosa' ' (one month, two weeks, 22 hours and 45 minutes) of studies and research, then, I arrived the following conclusion: The word ' ' divrcio' ' in the phrase ' ' term of divrcio' ' &#039 becomes related with the word; ' to knock down rvore' ' even though ' ' decapitar' '.

It indicates total cut that in the principle was one ' ' union viva' '. The divorce is the dissolution of the marriage bond, giving to the right of new nuptials the innocent part (Dt.24: 2). It is this divorce that Jesus if relates in Mateus 5:31,32: 19: 9. But it appears two basic questions here: 1) – Which the position of the Church in relation to the marriage and divorce? 2) – Where circumstance the divorce is allowed? With the purpose to unfasten ' ' knot cego' ' of this question that if found in the mind of that sister, I analyzed seven culminating points, that had been: The Divorce in the interbblico Period (1 Point) Had in the days of Herodes, the great one, two rabbis who had established schools.

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