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Appeared for the new school year on time at the beginning of the new school year in the fall of 2010 a mixed bag brings timely Lauer direct the new primary catalog for your school”out. Specifically, the new catalogue contains many new products at the current basic equipment of classrooms in primary schools. Also the special requirements in the art and music classes are taken into account. Another focus of the catalog is on the latest interactive panel systems and interactive whiteboards, which are based on past Didacta”education fair in Cologne in part for the first time are been presented to the public. We have everything that is needed in a modern classroom”confirms Karl Gunter Lauer, founder and CEO of Lauer direct. The age-appropriate table and ergonomic chair in a flexible, modern look to the subject-specific teaching materials.

At Didacta”has shown that the trend in the area of school furniture goes to more and more colorful, undulating seating and table groups. These have We particularly taken into account in the current catalog of basic school.” “He further emphasized: our prompt service also guarantees for over 97 percent of all package-shipping-enabled products a delivery to the school!” “As always the catalog can be downloaded online free in PDF format from the website under catalogues”. Printed catalogs are sent only upon explicit request. This allows to reduce the costs and to preserve the environment through the corresponding paper savings. About Lauer direct: Lauer direct is an established provider of school furniture and a variety of articles of school equipment and teaching and learning resources: from the education cabinet about interactive panel solutions to musical instruments and materials for the biology or the physical education.

The company was founded in 2007 by Karl Gunter Lauer and continuously further developed. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi. Lauer direct is a manufacturer-independent platform for the direct sale and one of the most popular online providers on the German today Market. Lauer direct relies on logistic structures of the market-leading manufacturers and can offer schools so costs technically optimized delivery. For more information and the full range of products for professional use in school, training and presentation see please: and. Press enquiries: Karl Gunter Lauer CEO Lauer direct GmbH Diedenhofer Street 17, 54294 trier Tel.

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