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Once achieved, these levels proved to be more effective than the level fully awake, the Beta, in learning. Test notes of their children had improved dramatically over a period of three years while he continued to improve his techniques. Follow others, such as The Journal of Educational Research, and add to your knowledge base. Jose had marked a new one very important discovery, that other investigations, mainly, biofeedback, been confirmed since then. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Revlon Inc.. He was the first to demonstrate that we can learn to operate with a conscience in the alpha and Theta levels. Another discovery, one equally surprising, soon was going to come. The daughter of Silva can read minds. One night, the daughter of Joseph was in his alpha status and Jose began to ask questions about their studies.

In GeneralThe toward a question and she insults. Suddenly, the routine changed. Jose began to ask the question in your mind first, before doing it. Suddenly, her daughter answers the question that he was thinking before that he said it. He repeated over and over again. Jose was only formulated the question in her mind and she answered it.

She was reading his mind. During the next 10 years Jose Silva trained 39 children in Laredo, with even better results, since it improved their techniques a bit with each child. He had developed the first method in history who can train anyone to use extra sensory perception, and he had 39 repeatable experiments to prove it. Now, had to begin to refine the method. Course Silva begins to take shape within the next few years, Jose has developed the training course of the mind, which now Silva can be learned with the home study course. Back then it took 40 to 48 hours. Since then it has reduced to 18 to 20 hours through the improvement of techniques. These long years of research have been funded by the companies of Joseph. Or college scholarships, foundations or Government were available for a field so unusual and unknown investigation. With all this success, Jose was not converted into a celebrity, or a guru or spiritual leader with followers or disciples. He was a simple man of simple shapes, who spoke with soft, almost lost a Mexican-American accent. He was a burly, robust man with a friendly face that easily wrinkles in a smile. Millions of graduates and students send thanks from all parts of the world. The press also wrote about the new program of Silva. The following extract from an April 16 1972 article in the New York Times can man control his mind? says it all. Everytime someone you said to Joseph: Joseph, have changed my life! A smile appeared on her face and clarified: No, I didn’t do it. You did it with his own mind. Joseph died in February 1999. But his continuous work in the Institute of Silva international in charge of one of his daughters, Laura Silva continues doing research to develop increasingly human potential. If you want to learn more about meditation, visit our website where you will find everything or need to know about meditation and the Silva method.

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