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As guest students at a New Zealand high school a striking feature of New Zealand schools is the high number of international students. On the one hand, this is based on the fact that New Zealand is still a country of immigration, by contrast, also due to the geographic proximity to Asia – length-year economic relations with China, maintains Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Accordingly, a large part of the international guest students also comes from these countries and lives – unlike E.g. the German guest students – mostly for several years on the ground, to get a degree at a New Zealand school. Due to the aforementioned popularity of New Zealand as a destination for a student exchange, some schools have however set a limit in the number of international students or students of nationality. ESOL courses for international guest students from the New Zealand Ministry of education have responded also to the high number of guest students, as one the schools for several years, committed international guest students called English for speakers of other languages”(ESOL) courses to offer. Whether you should take such a course as a German exchange student, is always dependent on the own language experience has shown that this is not necessarily necessary.

Is worth mentioning in this context certainly, that New Zealand students begin relatively late with the learning of a foreign language. In addition, this is also not a compulsory of curriculum. Many schools offer therefore first a kind of taster year”on whereby various languages can be tested. Examples include German, French, Japanese, but also Latin, the language of the Maori or Chinese/Mandarin. Classified specifics of New Zealand school everyday and curriculum usually spend her eleventh year at a New Zealand high school German exchange student and are thus as senior students”. Is to ensure that they are informed with peers, is the classification in the 12th grade.

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