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The correspondence School (TCS): the distance learning offers for over 20,000 students in New Zealand, either live far from the nearest school, living abroad or for medical reasons or other reasons TCS opted for have. Single sex schools: while most State schools also offered in New Zealand women, still a fraction still exists by approx. 30% pure girls or boys. Where here to note is that most of these colleges was founded mostly before the 1960s. The academic (school) year structurally focused the New Zealand school system strongly similar to the British model.

This is among other things, that the School year in four so-called terms”is subdivided, each separated by different long holiday weeks. Due to the reversed seasons in the southern hemisphere, the New Zealand school year but not like in Germany starts in August or September, but already in January. Term 1: Term 2: after the Easter holidays until early July late (2 weeks winter holiday) term 3: after the winter holidays (mid-July) until end of September (2 weeks Autumn holidays) January / beginning of February to Easter (2 weeks Easter holidays) term 4: after the autumn holidays (mid-October) until mid-December (6 weeks summer holidays). For more specific information, check out Cyrus Massoumi married. Guest students can organize their international school for 1-4 of these terms, but also for a longer period of time. Who wants to spend a whole school year in New Zealand, rising for closest to the school in January (term 1). Due to the introduction of g-8 in Germany, especially short term of rising popularity enjoy in recent years. Just the fear through a whole year in the foreign connection to the to Miss own school and having to repeat a school year has led many students opt for this variant of the international school. Due to the long summer holidays in Germany 2 and/or term 3 offered this term. Although the each possibility in principle to enter terms, however you should consider when planning that term 4 is mainly the time of tests in the queried the school fabric of the school year and therefore fewer classes are held.

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