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The NCEA levels are the New Zealand qualification for the schools in the 11-13 vintages. Thereby, the NCEA replaced the previous School Certificate, sixth form certificate and the bursary and the Higher School Certificate (classes 11-13). The NCEA operates according to the following staff: table: staff of secondary schools according to the NCEA grade scale S achieved with excellence best grade M achieved with merit goods achieved A lowest passing grade N emergency achieved did not pass through the very early onset of schooling most New Zealand students already obtain their baccalaureate with 17. But also in New Zealand is the possibility that students can shorten their schooling by one year with excellent services and acquire the qualification after 12 years. Schools most of the State schools (high schools, colleges, or schools of the area), which can be visited free of New Zealand children from the age of 5 to the end of the year in which they turn 19 years old, are New Zealand Secondary Schools. In contrast, a New Zealand school is always paying for foreign children. In addition to public schools, but still more – Government-recognized – schools exist: area/composite Schools: are mostly in rural areas with low population density and combine primary, intermediate and secondary schools. Private schools: despite financial subsidies by the State, these schools are always subject to charges.

Boarding schools: there are both in the public as well as private form. Kura of chewing Papa Maori: State schools is taught in Maori. Although subject to the curriculum the national curriculum here, too, but is an additional substantive focus on the history and culture of New Zealand native. Integrated Schools: Formerly private schools, the but now are State schools. In addition to the New Zealand curriculum the Integrated schools can record their own program in the curriculum (E.g., philosophical or religious ideas). Designated character schools: State schools which follow the New Zealand curriculum, but have the opportunity to develop goals according to their own values.

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