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In relation to the espiritualidade it always was considered neurosis or social alienation for the scientific vision, in addition the half academic does not consider as serious and that, therefore it does not have validity. São Leopoldo Mandic College has compatible beliefs. However they had created a incongruncia, therefore the espiritualidade still thus if made gift in the life of the scientists, in which if they had become incongruous between what they lived in its private lives and what they produced in them you deal academics. When bringing this estimated of the espiritualidade for the practical clinic of the psycotherapy, we will be in the reality finishing with this incompatibility and creating possibility for a vision it would be on the thematic espiritualidade. Who certainly brought the question of the espiritualidade in way clearly and necessary for the field of the psycotherapy he was Victor E. Frankl, places the espiritualidade as it searchs of the transcendncia separating it of the mstico-religious values.

Thus, the balance spiritual that it considers and its theoretical postulates is in the truth this capacity inherently human being this capacity of to search the development of its subjectivity and its lives deeply interior. In relation to the theology this always was questioned by science for its mstica and belief in God; as much that Geovanetti, teaches that we attend in century XX the known phenomenon as ' ' the death of Deus' ' taught for the Nietzsche philosopher who consisted of a radicalization of the questioning of the religious dimension in the life of the modern man; as God if it became a not necessary hypothesis for the man (secularizao). Since the search of the espiritualidade does not pass necessarily for the search of God, but as Poelman says that its search is something inherent to the human organism, the human being does not need to go beyond its proper humanity to find its auto-accomplishment, in this direction lives the espiritualidade despite let us appraise it as atesmo. .

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