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The new album by Nils gold – a moment sequence your dreams and you will reach your goal ‘that is the life motto of NILS GOLD, which he expresses in many forms in his songs. Titles such as no way too far “, sorcerer’s Apprentice”or of a MOMENT”of his debut album bear this message. His music of romantic, contemplative German Schlager with rich text this is the style of NILS GOLD. In his repertoire include pop and Discofox. With his distinctive voice, his smart appearance and an inspirational album, NILS GOLD now makes his way in the German Schlager scene. The way he was born 1975 Stade and spent his childhood and youth in the Samtgemeinde HEMMOOR, near Cuxhaven. Already during his school and college days in Hamburg, he moved again and again on the stage.

On various public and private events, he proved himself a singer & entertainer. Despite his great passion for music, he followed his inner voice and one carried out after studying interesting management career with a multinational corporation in Hamburg. His passion his dream to one day more intense the music add, he never gave up doing. Businessman of own composing and texts of songs dedicated to almost behind the scenes. Guided by his passion for the German Schlager, he finds his personal, dealing with the language. His songs by a very special Sheen and compassionate depth are paired with warm, uplifting melodies. The team a potential, the also the successful producers duo CLAUS-ROBERT KRUSE and ULRIKE HAGEMANN (Karel Gott, Roy Black, Diether cancer, G.G. Anderson, Daliah LAVI and many others) realized.

The three met at a Hamburg Street Cafe and the chemistry immediately agreed. Soon came the idea to produce music together. After intensive Studio work is the debut album of a MOMENT”now finished. They say it’s not all gold that glitters… NILS gold not deceiving however. It is the inner gold that shines. Because his songs are rich and inspire the listener. Now it says: sit back! u0085and just now completely indulge in. So you can enjoy right”his songs.

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