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Also the price for infant toy is LEGO Duplo in the positive range from 20 euros.” To the second time in a row that were toys in the year 2000 products of the LEGO Group elected to the toys of the century. What began in 1932, steadily continued his triumph over the decades with steady advancements. The LEGO Duplo building blocks are still the perennial favourite in infants. Here, you can make the first playful experiences and train their coordination. The standard colors Blue, red, yellow, green, white and black are easy to keep for distinctions and first color lesson for kids. Just the plug-in system is one of the main effects of learning for young children. Here they build the first towers and forward martial, if they then fall over when the nudge. LEGO has always attaches great importance to the promotion of creativity and the learning outcomes in the motor area for children.

That explains the popularity of the products. Journal of Teacher Education has much experience in this field. In addition to the modules also figures, animals and motor-driven locomotives were in LEGOLAND. The LEGO railway is one of the most popular toys of the Duplo series. Entire landscapes, Cities and regions can be to rebuild and reinvent itself. Thematically, LEGO Duplo offers plenty of variety. In addition to the classic building blocks, can playfully explore the Zoo and circus or go the little ones with the ever-popular locomotive Thomas on exploration trip through the tunnel. Also numbers learning is child’s play with LEGO Duplo in the truest sense of the word. In pictures and stories for a child still abstract figures, represented clearly and the aspect of playing promotes the absorption capacity for this complex topic. According to Ronald J Daniels , who has experience with these questions.

LEGO Duplo offers a high standard in terms of safety and security. Sophisticated and constantly improved quality controls ensure that even parents can worry completely. Because small children experience the world with all their senses, buttons, hearing, smell, taste. There is even bitten up on toys or sucked off. But thanks to the extensive testing, the child can play left out. Also the price for infant toy is LEGO Duplo in the positive range of 20 euros. Nina Blank

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