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Last weekend, 24 – 25 July, held in Nizhny Novgorod new Dianetics seminar Hubbard. This event is for everyone to learn to help themselves and others through Dianetics – the modern science of mind developed by famous explorer and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. The participants not only learn the basic concepts, laws and principles of the new science, but also immediately apply them in practice. Religious group Nizhny Novgorod Scientologists weekly conducts such workshops since last September. During this time, has become a tradition for participants to share their personal experiences and successes.

Here are two stories from the seminar that took place recently: “The workshop helped I understand that there is a way, very prostoyi very effective to cope with difficult situations in life. I thought that I myself can overcome all what come across, but the question of time as – 1 year, two, ten? Me It took only 7.5 hours in order to cope with loss and understand that there is a chance to ease their lives and the lives of others much faster and more efficiently. This technique is simple, the workshop constructed a very clear and accessible. Any can start right now and get the results of which even could not dream. Thank you all who conducted me through it, and L Ron Hubbard for his discovery. This is done with concern for the welfare of man. Everyone has a chance to do my life better right now.

Do not miss it! “AD “With age, blunted sensation and perception. The world seems different, not as a child. Today I went back to my childhood. I returned to the point that was forgotten. I was able to survive everything that happened in great detail with the sensations. It was great. I remembered how I was. Also at the seminar, I have helped people with Dianetics techniques. This is a very interesting feeling … I have seen the changes it state. Nice to see how a person gets better. Dianetics works the way it is written in the book. It is pleasant to feel its benefits to other people. I wish that more people benefited from Dianetics. And also that more people can help others – those who need it, “SZ Here is how the author described Dianetics – L. Ron Hubbard, “Dianetics – adventure, in which there is no trace of seriousness. And while it is dealing with sufferings and losses, after all, is always funny so stupid was that caused the grief, and so it was interpreted incorrectly.

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