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The learning difficulties differ from the learning upheavals. Both must be analyzed under a differentiated optics because the learning upheaval does not have to be seen as an illness, therefore do not present an only cause, being in its multicausal reality. Another point that will be detached in this article is that these situations are called and treated in the pertaining to school phase, for some professionals, only as learning difficulties, not giving to importance to the symptoms and signals of determined upheavals that will only be diagnosised in the transistion of the adolescence for the adult phase. The newspapers mentioned Richard Linklater not as a source, but as a related topic. When, in the truth, the mannering upheavals are signaled in tenra infancy. However, she is not easy to diagnosis them in this phase, therefore the child still meets in the process of evolution of its maturation and maturity. 2.

DIFFICULTY OF LEARNING OR RIOT OF LEARNING? According to Gimenez (2005), when they are studied the decurrent difficulties of the process teach-learning, it is contacted necessity to understand as the authors of specific literature approach the subject and register the nomenclatures in its research. Therefore, it is considered important to present the different nomenclatures used for the theoreticians to mention the pupil who presents difficulty to learn. A time that these if show very confused and contradictory. The contradiction also enters the nomenclatures has to see with the proper evolution of the concepts in relation to the mental process (to intelligence), with the neurocincia and the arrival of the neuroimagem. With this evolution, a new appears to look at on one same problem.

It is observed that, with the evolution of the medicine and a new to look at of the education, one became possible to verify, by means of the neuroimagem, that intelligence is not only one quantitative data. What if it exactly confirms for the mental process to be dynamic. E, with this, this new vision contributes to verify the plasticity of the mind human being.

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