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certain, it is raining and it is a little cold leaves house the six hours route to the college, with an only objective: TO STUDY! arriving here, I came across myself with an abnormal thing. it did not have almost nobody nine pupils is this here that remained of my hateful person and barulhenta group I feel lack of the strident shouts and piadinhas without favour that they made the entire classroom of esvair in smiles. I feel lack of the explanations of incompressible substances of the professors. David G. DeWalt gathered all the information. we are here without making nothing and later we will go gymnasium to see a flock to it of strangers to play futsal. I am without inspiration. .portanto I am here writing this text without nexus some. we are private of the contact with the external world, we only have the presence of the others 12 people who are to our redor I DO NOT WANT to go break the gymnasium I want to have physics lesson I want to have history lesson I want to learn! but a thing I learned today: the times nerds if badly give to never oppose to lack to the lessons this are a torment! I want to go even so, I want to go pra house where I have the company of my books! but I do not obtain to run away daqui

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