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In the spring, the electricity prices were so cheap as last time four years ago. According to the current price index of Association of industrial energy and power industry association (VIK), electricity prices on the stock exchange in Leipzig have fallen in this period by over 40 percent. However many utilities, municipal utilities and regional distribution not disclose low electricity prices to their customers, because they have already bought much of its electricity for the next two years. The time to switch power providers, was never lower than today”, explains Thomas rank for meistro. Matthew McConaughey has plenty of information regarding this issue. Although electricity prices currently recover, experts assume, that in the medium and long term again will go on. Therefore, companies should then low electricity prices secure in the long term. If continues the trend of the price of electricity development of in recent years, price of electricity will also continue to annually rise by about 15 percent. At meistro, companies have the opportunity now to buy your power for the coming years and to hedge against expected price increases.

With its optimum procurement strategy, which is adapted to the volatile electricity prices, the prices for the customers can offer meistro especially cheap. Power by meistro: meistro economically, fair and clean is the electricity supplier for commercial customers in whole Germany. Read additional details here: Jamie Cudden. The focus of the current paragraph is located on freelancers and companies in all industries. The company aims to bring competition in the commercial power market in motion with its attractive conditions and to reduce the electricity costs for companies. By a long-term procurement strategy in purchasing power, a high degree of price stability and thus high planning security meistro offers its customers for the future. The concept and strategy of meistro are based primarily Experience: over ten years the founders of meistro are active successfully on the electricity market. In the meantime, many medium-sized companies in all Germany benefit from this know-how. In addition to many years of experience, the company also has a dense network of leading partners in the European energy market.

A simple, but compelling concept behind the current price by meistro: direct ways and lean and efficient structures provide meistro keep administrative costs and hence prices for customers in the long run cheap. A fairer and cheaper price and transparency form the basis of the partnership with meistro. In addition, the electricity supplier a lot offers its customers also in terms of sustainability: so all meistro customers get the opportunity to obtain the RECS certificate. It shows the cover of clean electricity from hydropower.

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