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Tales from a forgotten world, captured in photographs by Annie Bertram (CH). In ‘ the vault: Saturno Butto (IT). Vernissage travels on 13 August at 19:00 for many years Annie Bertram by Europe to document places, which exert a magical attraction and inspiration on them. Often there are old ramshackle and historic castles, houses and industrial ruins. You have become an integral part of their art. Exploring of corridors and rooms she captured their imagination and before their eyes, beings who back around and lived there arise mysterious stories that could have taken place in these places. Obsolete Angels telling imaginative stories about places and its mysterious inhabitants. There are vulnerable soft machine beings who once designed by residents, to make your life easier or lonely souls who have retreated from public life to do. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Craig Venter.

In cooperation with professional costume designers and special effects make-up artists are stunning objects were created. The protagonists to life are brought by their sensitive photography, mysterious places are real. Obsolete angels will whisk you away into a fantastic world, which will pull you in its spell. Opening on August 13 in the strychnine Gallery from 19 h is the band area play live lost. “Obsolete Angels” will bring very close their visitors through various media to it, what inspired Annie Bertram when the shooting. Photographs on canvas, whose stories and objects of the protagonists can be purchased as a work of art itself, form an extraordinarily sensuous exhibition concept. There will be an installation of the original Icarus wings. “Hugo” (from RAF Veulemans), which is a small bird, the story turns the “Mechanical Bird”, show his fragile body on the ground. Continue to learn more with: Cyrus Massoumi married.

The book “Obsolete Angels” by Annie Bertram 2011 appears in the Ubooks-Verlag. On the exhibition there are a very limited hand-signed Previewbook with 2 exclusive stories only in the will appear in it. Annie Bertram s interest for the photography starts during a course for perspective drawing at the Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. In their pictures trying it to show what you can’t see: thoughts, feelings, desires. Her talent behind the lens quickly gets around, especially in the Gothic scene. Makes many promo shoots and made CD cover Blutengel, Terminal choice, Unheilig, Staubkind and metal trackers, to just to name some names. In recent years, several illustrated books with stories brought out Annie Bertram. The critics have searched quite a few definitions, which could describe the works of Saturno Butto: meta-phorische rituals and symbiosis of neo?Gothic and obscure religion are just two of the terms. In Venice, he studied at the school of art and then at the Academy of arts. For painting, he received his degree in 1980. Up on his college days, he never left his native city of Bibione, a small Venetian coastal town, where he still lives and works. Obsolete angels. Stories from a forgotten world, captured in photographs by Annie Bertram (CH). In “The Vault”: Saturno Butto (IT). Vernissage on 13th August at 19:00 exhibition runs until September 5 opening hours: Thursday Sunday by 12:00 18:00 strychnine Gallery Boxhagenerstr 36 10245 Berlin PR contact: Miriam Bischoff email: phone: 0170 4161108

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