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With the proclamation of the independence of Ukraine and the emergence of its own armed forces there is a need to form their own military medical education. One of its components was the preparation of mid-level military medical personnel. It should be noted that during the collapse of the Soviet Union Armed Forces manned civilian paramedics, but as Experience has shown that such acquisition of the Army specialist was not effective. Was to replace the appropriate parts of the military unit lekarskogo in parts and on naval ships assistants physicians. The organization of training of military physicians assistants for the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to actively discussed in 1995-1996. Rector of the Odessa Medical University, Academician VM Zaporozhan and head of the department of naval training of the university doctor medical sciences, medical colonel VV Kononenko among the first to open the proposed military medical college assistants to prepare military doctors for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In a letter to the Chief of the Main Military Medical Management Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major-General Medical Services White VJ They based their proposal, which essentially boiled down to the fact that in Odessa until 1957 there were Naval Medical School, which was reorganized in Odessa Medical School 3. This school is located near the main academic and clinical base for the university, has sufficient training and material base and kept the territory, formerly occupied by the Naval Medical School.

However, this suggestion was ignored guidelines of the Medical Service Armed Forces of Ukraine and the General Directorate of Military Education. KABNET MNSTRV Ukraine II O S T A N O V A vd Travnia 1997 p 29. 526 About vdoskonalennya MEREZHI vischih that profesyno – tehnchnih navchalnih zakladv. Dodatok N 2 and decided Kabnetu Mnstrv Ukraine vd Travnia 1997 p 29. 526 N PERELK navchalnih zakladv, scho stvoryuyutsya on baz lkvdovanih Metro Manila Utvoriti Odeske medichne basic school at baz Odeskih medichnih schools number 1 i 3, scho lkvduyutsya.

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