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The time – and location-independent version of the MBA the MBA degree is the master of business administration, an additional qualification in the field of business administration. In the article, the variant of the “online MBA” is presented in which the majority of the studies can be completed online. “Introduction of MBA – benefits and sense of the academic degree MBA” is the master of business administration “, an additional qualification in the field of business administration. Particularly interesting is the MBA for those who already have a college degree behind and aspiring manager positions. The MBA additional training increases career opportunities, especially in the area of international management positions. In Germany, the MBA is to acquire degrees as a calling card in the raised management through part – or full-time. Admission who cares for the postgraduate degree in MBA, requires certain conditions to be approved. A successfully completed studies must be detected with diploma or Bachelor’s degree in any case.

According to College are more Licensing restrictions to keep in mind to get the coveted degree. In most cases, experience two years are required. Letter of motivation and various testing procedures also include the recording procedure. An international course of course English is required and is in most cases with the test of English as a foreign language”queries. Different MBA programs who cares for the full-time MBA programme, must reckon with two years of full-time study.

The MBA studies degree as a part time program with at least four years can be chosen in certificate form. General MBA and Executive MBA. Who wants to acquire knowledge in business administration, chooses the form of the General MBA. This General MBA is the prerequisite for the leap to management positions. The interests include the areas of financing and marketing, management and strategies or special knowledge. The Executive MBA is suitable for experienced from management levels, in addition to their management position Interested in training.

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