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Walking of Pablo Freire, its spirit andarilho descompromissado of the formed concepts, led to reaffirm to each step in the world its option ideology, being oportunizando the people to speak and for this the exercise biggest is to listen with the undressed soul of our preconceptions, rank at this moment the great challenge of the Nineth Letter, the relation that in its great majority of times, takes in them to an only canal, that says is it discriminadamente sub-reptcia. The relation language and writing also has a sufficiently considerate look and basic in it speaks of Pablo Freire, where the ways of acquisition of the written language accepted socially were argued ahead of a scope of possibilities, so that the educator can always review its context practical-theoretician, end not to reaffirm in cultural ghettos, searching the valuation of form to make possible in way not exculpatory affirmative, concernentes action with the various fan of possibilities them social contexts. For more specific information, check out Breonna Taylor. Tenth Letter (One more time, the question of disciplines), Pablo locks up the letters consolidating disciplines it in search of the knowledge, specifying the art to teach intrinsic to the act to learn and that in the educators we have that to construct to the productive exploit of the search and consolidation of the knowledge, in daily of our formation, giving significao the action of the act to search and for this the productive field nothing more is that the proper democracy, making possible the exercise of the citizenship as access instrument the new possibilities unrestrictedly, breaking barriers between educating and educator in the demand that the proper knowledge in sends, when effectively recognized and it is apprehended. Pablo Freire, in its certainties you practise sends in them to a so simple gear and so human complex that is the respect to pairs, this in any historical and social time, exerting any position or function, however in the scope of the school, as social representative space and dimensionando the option that we make when we assume the role of educators, makes a three-dimensional difference exceeding the walls of the unit of education and effectively starting to exist a community actively school in the active gear of the construction of the exercise citizen, Pablo says: ' ' The more we independently respect the pupils and pupils of its color, sex, social classroom, the more certification to give of respect in our daily life, the school, our relations with the colleagues, with caretakers, cooks, guards, parents and mothers of pupils, the more to diminish in the distance between what we say and what we make, in such a way more we will be contributing for the reinforcement of experiences democrticas' '.

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