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Familiarity with modern paints gives insight into why designers prefer them. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Nike. They allow us to make every interior unique to pass almost any designer's idea to turn surface of the wall or ceiling into a work of art. Decorative coatings can convey the texture of stone, leather or metal, to give a new type of coating noble antiquity, but also to create effects, analogues not exist in nature. Modern paint materials allow us to make every interior unique: A – 'FRANCE-DECOR' B – 'ECORA-TRANS' create materials with which designer, together with the specialist-dressers can independently develop a new, not previously applied technology application, and receive a unique, one of a kind effect. Perhaps a combination of different techniques and materials on one surface, one interior, so you can also achieve striking beauty of aesthetic effects. Typically, the surface with a layer of paint is a complex multilayered system.

Coating consists of several layers deposited on the base: putty, primer, paint (in one or several layers), and perhaps more of a layer of varnish or wax. It is extremely important is the question of compatibility of products with each other. That's why leading manufacturers offer a professional systems, which represent a complete set of all necessary materials for the preparation and surface finishing. Systemic materials are characterized by a complete physical-chemical compatible with each other. When choosing coverage should be strictly guided by the technical description of products, which must include the allowable operating conditions, the requirements for the base, but also contain answers to the questions: how, what and in what sequence deposited materials. The problems and techniques of surface preparation, as well as used for this purpose the materials see the section Preparation of surfaces to the finish finish. In this section, discuss the finishes – paints, decorative plaster and others.

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