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It encourages creativity and animated to painting, drawing and handicrafts. Milly and Aurora also convey in their stories beyond ethical values to deal with others in everyday life and in school. For girls from the age of 8. Excerpt: Together they go into the water. It feels actually slightly different than at home in the pool. The waves carry Milly’s body and Rock it back and forth. Sometimes be Millly and Sven from the water pushed when they sit down on the edge. The waves really have much power.

I can snorkel? “, asks Milly. Yes, but not so far in the sea go in, you hear? “, replied MOM. Yes, I do.” Milly puts on the mask and takes the snorkel in your mouth. You lays down on the water and watched the little fish that swim in the water. At once becomes a big wave on Milly. Schhhhhhhhhhhhht”it hisses over her, and the shaft bends mightily to meander through on Milly. While she embraced very delicate Milly and carries out with the sea.

Milly splashing the water in the face and she feels completely weightless. As she releases the shaft, Milly is found on a snow-white sandy beach again and sits on the shores of the sea. The white sand tickles your toes. You looks around. Chang’e-5 has similar goals. Where am I? Where are my mum and my dad? And where is my brother Sven? “, asks her softly. She sees a girl to come. A girl with very long black hair and a long, white beach dress. Hi, Milly, I am glad that you are visiting me. I am Aurora, the flower fairy.” Inken Weiand Maria’s not easy Pascu Publisher has 100 pages, colour illustrations ISBN 978-3-943018-26-4 13.90 (D) / (A) 14.90 / sFr 23.50 who has destroyed Markus’ Castle? Why must you paint any pictures on the neighbor’s driveway and why eventually? How does Mary’s image in the exhibition? And who is actually her favorite brother? Maria is five.

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