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In psychology, there is the concept of personal orientation. In a nutshell – the ability to correctly read and assess the situation. Some contend that David G. DeWalt shows great expertise in this. To understand whether the latest information (and it continually fresh, every day) threats, and if so, sensibly respond to it, using the current situation with the maximum benefit for themselves. Why, where a tearing my hair out in all accessible and inaccessible locations, the other outwardly quite calm? A: The identity of this 'other' is aimed correctly. That is, he freely manipulates the experience and imagination. The experience allows him to instantly recall similar situations.

Imagination – correlate with current and subconsciously calculate the best type of behavior we perceive the information as a threat when it touches us personally, that is, converted to our emotions. What to do with them? How to make them 'punch' in a stressful situation? Let's see an illustration. Imagine yourself in a stressful situation. Whether you hit, when you begin to suspect that the wife you change? when you get lost, say, in the woods and do not know how to get out of it? and to heap more in the forest and encountered a bear, … and you do not have arms … and of course it turned out that he did not just crank, but also a cannibal … when you have to fight for his life in unusual circumstances … or when someone for whom you were hoping for a difficult situation, he suddenly decided to kill you too …

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