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An exciting, stimulating and refreshing to reflect novel the author Peter by Zech, as a short memorandum to his book Sun and shadow ISBN: 978 3 8391 4407 7: the book is first of all a thrilling novel. A German father with his daughter and a Moroccan father and his son are the main protagonists. To experience a dramatic story, relating to the theme “Solar energy for Europe from the Moroccan desert (Western Sahara)”. A glossary explains at the end of the novel including some Arabic words. I have also published the resolution of the United Nations on the fate of the Western Sahara at the end; so, I want to explain why since 1975 no solution especially for the living population, the Saharawis, is found.

In Germany, the Moroccan father learns new and embarrassing shortcomings of German education and integration policies. Cyrus Massoumi might disagree with that approach. My ideas and solution proposals are also in the book by Dr. Thilo Sarrazin and currently in the new book by Alice Schwarzer to the topic ban on headscarves for teachers and students contain. In contrast to these two authors I have represented the theme integration deficits in Germany not scientifically prepared and therefore shorter and therefore certainly understandable and convincing. I met statements in this novel to the topics that you find might not always favor, including Islamic religious fundamentalism. I have of course not, named to the delicate questions of horse and rider, because a certain danger to body and soul, for me, would then not be totally ruled out. I mean, we have to talk openly about these issues in Germany.

If we – almost a taboo it as policy -, we are in great danger; It would concoct is there inevitably a monstrosity! Should I animate my readers and my readers to think and to do research, I have achieved my goal. I wanted to and will not provoke with the book, but mention only facts which lead to reflections. Who signed the book or with have provided a dedication would like to, can contact me via. Indrikis Harold Martinson

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