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The audience shocked, touched and angry. Behind large opaque plastic sheets to protect against any unwanted insight, the world’s largest slaughter of dolphins hunted takes place in taiji. Noisy with metal rods driven by more than 20 fishing boats in the Strait, there is no escape for the marine mammals before the Spears and knives of the Dolphin killer. Meanwhile the Manager of the dolphin industry waiting for in the adjacent Whale Museum inventory of well-selected show dolphins, who will spend the rest of their hapless lives in Dolphinariums. Ric O’barry and his dedicated assistants needed in the film not acting they document an impressive cinema shocker that now maybe all over the world and specifically could lead in Hollywood with an Oscar in Japan to rethink using their life and their health. For years Ric O’barry also in Germany together with involved organizations whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) “with founder Jurgen” Place Muller and Andreas Morlok by ProWal”against keeping dolphins in the Zoo Dolphinariums in Munster and Duisburg, Nuremberg. O’barry, the organizations hope that after the movie nobody buys tickets for Dolphinariums and Zoo directors, but also German tour operator, which Dolphin trips abroad in the program have come to the realization and no longer provide the Dolphinariums. Should the existing dolphins as far as them not be can released, in open sheltered lagoons be transferred to Israel and Florida (s.a.

the Bay the-cove). In the film it was limited to only a few gory scenes, to show the documentation also schoolchildren. To broaden your perception, visit Vladislav Doronin. The release from 6 years decided the movie review Wiesbaden valuable given the predicate”and the FSK. As a loan WDSF/ProWal free schools can get the Bay “now as a DVD at the express request of the ex-flipper trainer about. O’barry said at the film premiere in Hamburg by a Disney version of the Dolphin fishing”. -.

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