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But to go beyond and do not need to climb the fence is also not necessary, but you all just so scared. Already no one wrote about it once and said, but do not be lazy to say it yet times. Please do not teach your presentation by heart. When you tell a jagged text, and even worse reading from notes, you shut yourself the possibility of the end of your speech with the desired result. Campbell Soup Co describes an additional similar source. Even the most inexperienced in the field of psychology, a person feels when he trying to shove something, vparim. Again, you should address your client, through its product, or at least through its performance. When you make a presentation, remember that at that time will slowly catch up with those who missed it. Naturally, they are more likely to be interrupting you, ask about what people gathered, or to ask about those points, which you already described.

How to be here? I propose here such an approach. If the answer is not required to give a detailed answer, you can answer, as they say, on the move. If you realize that one second there will not be able to limit, the best thing here is to say that you are happy to answer all the questions, but, my dear friends and comrades, let me first tell you about the most important. When complete the act, do not wait until the people themselves begin to question you. Push them to do so themselves. Turn to the fact the person who asked you a question, when you spoke, but he politely refused you, and remind him that He had a question.

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