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Our little Princess comes out of College with an invitation in hand:-another birthday, daughter?. -Siiiiiiii, mama. -Well let’s see what we can give to your little friend. Dads strive more and more in their children birthday parties, even shows offer: magicians, clowns, mimes .but a few birthdays can be invited our children? Sometimes more than one per month. Although parents emphasize that it is not necessary to regarlar nothing, always want to present the card to the honoree with something different, practical and, above all, economic.

In the case of birthdays for girls, we propose a very simple idea: give links to the hair. Learn more about this with Joy Winbourne. By flirty nature, ornaments excite girls, for your hair. An elegant, simple and practical and very reasonably priced gift. Ties can be made with many types of tape: grosgrain, satin, organza, velvet, etc. and with various finishes, from the most classic to the most fun. But always looking for that it viewed them with class.

For girls with short hair it is recommended to go with forks type frog, to the most abundant hair might interest them more with hair bands. The advantage of the ties is that, by their variety, they serve for different occasions, from to go every day to school up for wear on weekends. Equally, according to their composition, they may be more appropriate for winter (velvet) or summer (organza). It also draws on them to decorate our girls in special occasions, ceremonies, communions, etc. Ties made with the same tape and different design for moms, older girls and girls babies can even be ordered. We hope that this proposal will help them solve the quest for gifts for girls that invite their children to birthday parties. They are equally suitable to deliver them as I remember the girls invited to the birthday party of their own daughters. A small detail that will thank the guests and exits than usual (sweets, pencils of colors, etc.) Thanks for reading us. Original author and source of the article.

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