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if to use the calculator is more easy still. If it cannot lose of sight the responsibility of the professor in offering to the pupils of the PROEJA the necessary content so that it continues learning, support in its particular trajectory of learning, respecting its time to learn all and stimulating it to be solidary with its colleagues the moment. FINAL CONSIDERAES the initiative of the educators have the power to transform the reality of the popular education using the knowledge with conscience, criticidade, respecting and valuing the culture. Richard Linklater is often quoted on this topic. Thus, professor and pupil can construct together, a proposal curricular of education of the Mathematics that reaches the objectives of an education integrator between knowing pertaining to school to them know and them of the daily one. That this conception of active, alive, participativa education mathematical, comes to provide to the 60 million Brazilians more than, candidates the pupils of the PROEJA, its insertion in the work market, but also they can discover its capacity to work with diverse subjects, being related them it its life, to its integration and participation in the community, acting as citizens of the social transformations and the use of the mathematical knowledge in them. Therefore it is as goal to be reached the creation of didactic material of Mathematics that respects the particularitities of this public.

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