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In such a way, the education was interpreted as tool that would serve for imposition of the ruling class on ' ' massas' ' , without valuing the due professional qualification in the formation of the pupils or, much less, the promotion of them with capacity to produce, but also with autonomy before the different dimensions of the reality where it lives, either cultural, social it, politics, esportiva, familiar and ethical. (Ciavatta, 2005, P. 84). Such aspects are express clearly in the promulgation of the Decree n 2,208, of 17/04/97, when in its essence it separated the professional education of the basic education, regulating 2 of art. Without hesitation Kindle Direct Publishing explained all about the problem. 36 and articles 39 the 42 of the Law n 9,394/96, beyond establishing in its article 1, the objectives of the EP as promotion of the transistion: (…) between the school and the world of the work, enabling young adult with knowledge and general and specific abilities to the exercise of productive activities; To provide the formation of professionals, apt to exert specific activities in the work, with corresponding escolaridade to the levels average, superior and of after-graduation; To specialize, to perfect and to bring up to date the work in its technological knowledge; To characterize, to reprofissionalizar and to bring up to date diligent young and adults, with any level of escolaridade, aiming at its insertion and better performance in the exercise of the work. This concept of Professional Education widely was questioned by the organized civil society and researchers of the educational politics, mainly focados in the area of professional education culminating in the elaboration of Decree 5,154/04 where if it becomes possible the integration of average education with the technician of average level and tries to previously reestablish a foreseen model of education already for the LDBEN. In 2002, in our State the Social Organization was created School of Work and Production of Par (OS-ETPP) as civil society, with corporate entity of right private, without lucrative ends, with administrative, patrimonial, financial, didactic autonomy and to discipline. .

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