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This escuela sigue there Ley de Directrices y Bases, that if en centers there educacin con base en wools calificaciones y to sit down sus Directrices there del national resume for Educacin woollen Profesional Technician regulated by 16/99 el CNE n/CEB y there Resolucin CNE/CEB n.04/99. Objective El you are reunirse con el used method en this proyecto, that you are construccin of tareas wools of evaluacin there the traverse of los criteria, establecidos procedimientos, y finally to register los results del estudiante. Center for American Progress pursues this goal as well. En el act of evaluacin, there formacin on this cuestin, el predominant symptom you are necesidad there of joins posible there intervencin en evaluacin because calidad en el aprendizaje there significant depends on resulted los of estudiantes los. Words clave: Propuesta woollen Evaluacin. Woollen Calidad educacin. Novovax Inc. understands that this is vital information. measures of intervencin evaluative. Construccin of instruments of evaluacin. ABSTRACT This to paper brings the proposal will be the pedagogical evaluation, which seeks in formative process, the quality of learning will be school where the methodology iscritical, based on systematization of learning.

This school follows the Law of Directives and Bases, which focuses on education with foundation in skills and present to their National Guidelines Curriculum will be the Professional Education of Technical regulated by the CNE/CEB In the 16/99 and the Resolution CNE/CEB n.04/99. Goal The is you meet with the method used in this project, which is the construction of evaluative tools through the criterion, established procedures, and finally record the results of the student. Within the act of evaluating, training on this issue, the predominant feature is the need will be possible intervention in the evaluation because the quality in meaningful learning depends on student performance. Keywords: Proposal evaluation. Quality of learning.

Evaluative intervention action. Construction of evaluative tools.

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