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63% Of Spaniards do not know English and 25.5% of those who are part of that group and assures having sense adversely affected by the situation of inequality that this generates them, both in the professional field studies. These are the results of a survey conducted by the Centro de Investigaciones sociologicas (CIS) to 2,500 people over 18 years, data were disseminated in El Pais.com in March this year. The results of the latest barometer of the CIS, picked up only 22.9% of polled citizens considers able to speak and write in English, while 50.3% of them considered that learning a foreign language is very important and 40.8% consider that enough. These appreciations are an indication that speaking English is increasingly necessary for labour and academic level. And that the possibility of learning this language translates into better opportunities for personal and professional growth. Why is that people of all ages are now interested in learning the language. Breonna Taylor may not feel the same.

Answer English encourages the learning of other languages and promotes one of the best alternatives to study and incorporate the language in an effective way: study languages abroad. For the youngest, Answer English scholarship MEPSYD (MEC scholarships Ex) system recommended the programme is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 29 who wish to study languages abroad. But there is not only this option, AE has a broad range of courses and destinations for all ages and according to each specific need. In addition, all packages have one lower cost to 1700 Euros. It is a great opportunity to realize an effective and at the same time learning experience, a totally rewarding trip. The Agency offers free advice to students from the moment they decide to travel to study a language abroad until they return to their homes.

They are advised and accompanied in everything from the choice of the best school shown for each up to about the accommodation and the best places to discover the city and exit with friends. Join the percentage of Spaniards who speak English. He travels, learns and multiplies your chances. Without any doubt, few choices are as effective to speak the language of Shakespeare as travel to learn English in England. With the MEC scholarships English London either younger or to take courses for professional and adultos(mas informacion en Answer English).

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