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The Upanishads is considered by the Indiana tradition as the philosophical essence of the old wisdom of the Prohibitions. These old texts, of difficult understanding, look for to state for the words a knowledge that exceeds the words. It is nonsense to think that the Upanishads can be understood as a text occidental person. An old writing as this only can be capitada, in fact, through a transformation of it hears that it or it reads. The Upanishades looks for at the same time, to speak on what it cannot be described (Brahman, Atman) and to carry the reader lives deeply it desssa reality. In certain way, the Upanishades must act as a music. One does not catch the meaning of a melody thinking itself on it, but catching it aesthetic, emotional message, it lives deeply that it of its author intends to transmit. An effective ‘ ‘ compreenso’ ‘ of a symphony it estimates that the listener is catching and participating of the same one she lives deeply of the author of music, for more incompressible nonsense and rationally that is this process.

It has a similarity still more: the great musicians always felt themselves as if they were not the true authors of its musics and yes as they were receiving if them and transmitting the too much people. Also in the case of the Upanishads, the people whom they write these texts had been only would intermediate between the wisdom extra-human being, not individual, and the men. The Upanishade looks for to act on a part of the human being that does not have at least name of the occidental languages. The message of the Upanishads goes beyond the thought, the emotions, everything what it can be described. It looks for to open the doors of the knowledge of the nucleus most internal of the human being, that is not its unconscious one, nor its reasoning, nor its desire, nor its will. It is its Atman? something that exceeds our experience common human being. They had been written to be transmitted to all the people.

The Upanishades is part of an esoteric wisdom? that it is only passed by the Master the disciples whom they deserve to receive it. Different ways exist spirituals. The Upanishads shows one of them. An excellent way, tested per centuries. Not if it deals with something to be transmitted a multitude. It dealt with a teaching for few. The study of the Upanishads it can be a contribution to the walked one of many people. Exactly if the understanding will be imperfect, same if to be distant of the essence, you can be benefited of this effort.

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