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The lack of a reflection on the significance of Physical education eliminates the establishment of the area as art and science of the human movement, the professional of the necessary Physical Education to distinguish and to interpret this to know its true paper in the profession. 2.5 Curricular the Physical Education while component (LDB and PCN) From the Decree n 69,450/71, the Physical Education passed to be considered in the pertaining to school scope as ' ' activity that for its ways, processes and techniques, developed and improved physical forces, moral, civil, psychic and social of educando' '. (PCN, 1998). Trying to give a new identity for the Pertaining to school Physical Education, the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of 9.394/96, disciplines it inserts it as integrant part to the proposal pedagogical of the school, being component curricular obligator of the Basic Education (DARIDO, 2001). Film director has compatible beliefs. The Physical Education in turn started to have more autonomy, participating of the quarrels mainly and being part of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school. From one soon reflection notices that it had some advances in the area of the pertaining to school Physical Education with the arrival of the new LDB (DARIDO, 2001). As Darido (2003, p.19) ' ' The Ministry of the Education and the Sport, through the Secretariat of Basic Education, inspired in the Spanish educational model, mobilized from 1994, a group of researchers and professors in the direction to elaborate the PCNs' '. In 1997 appear the PCN? s of Physical Education 1 and 2 cycles (1 4 series of Basic Ensino), 1998 relative to 3 and 4 cycles (5 8 series) and 1999 had been published of Average Ensino, all looking for to create the necessary conditions so that the pupils could have a gamma of elaborated and recognized knowledge, come back for the development of the citizenship.

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