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Detectives, passenger protection and co. An introduction to personal protection thing. We would like to describe a range of our activity in this article. This is the broad in the protection of persons. We hope to give a little insight into the high school of the security industry. Distinction is made in the personal protection between: escort service person protection here also quite becomes clear a distinction according to risk significantly.

At the escort service, it revolves largely around local celebrities and public figures, who wish to be easy to do the show will, surrounded by several large and strongly built guys. If you would like to know more then you should visit Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. In this case, the risk to life and limb of the safety person is relatively low, but attention is needed here from the PS. That such performances before audience rather than find a double challenge is the same. A the PS of a vast crowd faces, who get the worst case no stop, very close to the protective person. To the an attack should be really another, which in time can be fended off, perhaps even on camera, so that next to the damage which the customer suffers for the image of the person protection company would be a disaster. The “right” person protection hazards on all cases is always higher, whereby the decision armed or unarmed not only depends on the risk. In Germany, bodyguards may only carry a weapon when the contracting authority so requested, and approved by the right authority.

This is also related to the degree of danger of the individual of protection. There is a further distinction between the open and covert personal security. While the men at the open PS and are clearly visible at the escort service, not only for reasons of cover, but also as a deterrent, in close proximity to the protection person posted, is the task of the hidden person protector is not as such to be recognized.

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