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Almost all geniuses attached great importance to their dreams. 'At the end of his book, Charles Lombroso, however, says that on the basis of the above, can not come to concluded that genius is generally nothing more than insanity. The truth of the violent and disturbing life of men of genius are times when these people are obsessed with the similarities, and in mental activity and There are many other similarities – for example, enhanced sensitivity, exaltation, replaced by apathy, originality, aesthetic products and the ability to discovery, creativity and a strong unconscious distraction, alcohol abuse and an enormous ambition. Among men of genius are crazy, crazy, and between – genius. But there was a lot of brilliant people who can not find the slightest signs of insanity. One-sided psychological views on the situation of psychological health drastically affect not able to because of their bias. This was with a share of sympathy for the fathers Psychology is written in the book of Osho Radzhnitsa 'mustard seed': 'between a psychiatrist and his patient a relationship that inevitably painful, pathological – because the patient does not come in search of truth, not to find a valid health.

The word 'health' many meanings: it means integrity, holiness means, means healing in the depths of his 'I'. The patient does not come for health, because if he came to health, it can not be anything else, as a student. The patient comes to get rid of the disease, its purpose is purely negative.

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