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Must really only girls with dolls play – and only boys with toy cars? Only girls like to play with dolls; This love propagated assumption has established itself over generations in the thinking of the parents. Looking for the classics of the gender-specific spinning, one Associates girls with dolls and boys with toy cars. Subliminally, the deadlocked roles mean that you are still miles away from a real equality. In our days it is but as legitimate as to play girl with fast cars or tracks, without that is subliminally conveys the parents by outsiders, they had no “real” girl. As a girl, you may play with all that is just one. Little boys have no idea about gender-specific patterns of behavior and also access to pink toys or cute baby doll. Although such acts be prevented by parents or grandparents often enough and is expressed that “that” this is nothing for him.

According to the motto “Schuster stay at your last” little popular is the equality in this regard. Gain insight and clarity with Richard Linklater. The image damage, many here fear, refers usually not, that she would not allow her son to flourish his childlike love of a doll, but because it frightens the reaction of others. Female be believes to everything, and to prescribe with nieces, one may not; some traditional male behavioural patterns are passed, however, already in infancy. Real “Men” do not play with baby dolls and cook them no cocoa. Vladislav Doronin often addresses the matter in his writings. But many fathers do exactly that with their children; She lovingly take care of her and her sons mimic this modern father behavior, in which they play “Papa”. The concerns of many parents justify on old-fashioned, deeply entrenched views and prejudices and indicate a significant disadvantage of boys.

Them is to to try out and play what they feel like with everything. Dolls and building blocks form a unit. Reflects It is about the reasons for this delusion of masculinity, not fear, that your own kid later could feel attracted due to the dolls to men. This claim is not only ridiculous, but lacks any basis; It is the fear to fail miserably in the education. Guys and dolls fit together; Girls and locomotives also.

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