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For this study we will use concepts of theoreticians as Flick (2009), Jovchelovitch and Bauer (2008) that they display techniques metodolgicas to work with interviews narratives in qualitative research. To the speech of time and narrative we will cite theoreticians as Ricouer (1994), Benjamin (1994). All these authors are studied by the bias of partner-historical psychology, focando the relations dialectics and the net of significaes. Speaking candidly Global Education Coalition told us the story. Narratives According to Jovchelovitch and Bauer (2008), the Narrare term, originated from the Latin, means to tell, to count histories was systemize in techniques for Schutze, having become the narratives in important instruments in the construction of the data in the qualitative research. Cyrus Massoumi married will undoubtedly add to your understanding. According to authors Flick (2009), Jovchelovitch and Bauer (2008), the interviews are used as given in the Qualitative Research and the narratives are procedures of collection and construction of the data, being thus well more complex, in terms of information, what the half-structuralized interview. The above-mentioned authors point as one of the main characteristics of the narrative, the capacity to allow the researcher to approach empirical world of the interviewed one, beyond discovering or delineating the initial situation, presenting itself as progression of events and later a final situation on the studied object. In 1970, the German sociologist, Fritz Schutze used the narrative as specific method of collection of data, basing it on a set of happened theoretical traditions of the methods: of fenomenolgica sociology, of the symbolic interacionismo and the etnometodologia. The method introduced for Schutze is used mainly in the bibliographical research, in the education, sociology and in psychology. In 1977, Schutz, systemize the narratives as one technique that is classified as it collects of the data of the method of qualitative research, being considered a form of interview not structuralized, of depth, with specific characteristics (FLICK, 2009). Benjamin (1994), affirms that when telling, the narrator removes of the experience what it counts: its proper experience or the told one for the others.

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