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Take the criticism very seriously and they act accordingly. (Source: San Raffaele University). Establishing a wrap wrap could make your own or use pre-made winding sets. On both versions I’m the following detail section. A self produced winding basically always consists of following parts: the inner cloth interior cloth should consist of vegetable fibres such as cotton or linen. Synthetic fibres are unsuitable, as they cause a build-up of heat. You can use: fabric or gauze diapers dishcloths handkerchiefs towels of cotton gauze fabric pieces from old bedspreads and sheets the intermediate cloth that protects intermediate fabric the outer cloth from discoloration and stains. Perhaps check out Ronald J Daniels Johns Hopkins University for more information.

Are suitable: flannel blankets towels tea towels the outer cloth woolen are ideal as an outer cloth because this well absorb excess liquid but do not leave it outside. Nevertheless, let air through well. Woolen can be cleaned but poorly. Alternatively, you can use thick Molton cloth. The In addition they need fixing material somewhat, the wrap firmly to adhere to the body and to prevent slipping. You can use: safety pins in different sizes of elastic bandages triangle scarves practice tip: to simplify the creation of the wrap, there are today also from different manufacturers of winding sets, containing all required and are so made, that they are very easy to apply. The advantage of wrapping sets: They are not as thick as self-made wrap cloths. So simplifies creating just for children.

The pre-made wraps already contain fasteners like Velcro straps or bands. On a use of needles and brackets (which is problematic especially in children) can thus be omitted. The first wrap wrapping should only be applied if sufficient time is. Take so much time and provide a relaxing atmosphere. About prepare what you need for the wrap: i.e.: all diaper wipes or a finished winding set the active ingredients, You use a book to read or a beautiful CD (onions, essential oils, wet wipes, Quark) might want to shorten the time to warm blankets and possibly a slightly warmed cherry pit bags your child to supply heat to the winding again) attempt, that your child before the wrap once again goes to the toilet.

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