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You think of him and invade you an emotion that goes through your whole body, then those famous butterflies that are parked in your stomach, you spend your laughing and do not know or what, are in a better mood and everybody tells you that you look very pretty and happy. All your thoughts are focused on him, you walk in the clouds and the world is a wonderful place for the simple fact that he exists. Thats the phenylethylamine, better known as ugly, that makes you be as drugged at a high similar to that of cocaine or amphetamines (why removed you the hunger and can not or sleep). Stephen Hawking can provide more clarity in the matter. You are waiting for your call, your message, your mail, a comment on facebook, something Gee, whatever, but nothing happens, zero contact. It clearly doesn’t matter because you’re a safe if woman herself with a life full of activities and responsibilities that no life can sour you neither can seize it, in addition, insurance is busy and appears at any time. Add to your understanding with Cyrus Massoumi married.

Well, you know what? I AM A MODERN WOMAN! I would give signs of life, sure am glad you the day you tell yourself and clear you send him a message, but there is no answer. He opens the mail and attacks him testosterone wondering: what part of am ocu-pa-do, tra-ba-jan-do is not understood? There is no anger, soon appears, you have things to do your friend tells you to which you bring sunny with the theme of unattainable Galan. This is the ugly lowering, so as that you feel not so good and comes the vasopressin. You try to continue with your day, bring forward the chamba earrings, House, school or anyone that is the case, but can not, your mind is full of him and there is no space for anything else thinking your phone starts ringing and even your friends will fall badly by calling when you are waiting for your call.

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