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One of the best lessons I had in this classroom is how to break the pain and suffering, only to establish righteousness in ourselves, rectifying our conceptions, our words, actions, means of existence, efforts, memory, attention, concentration and removal power. But to achieve all this we have to resort to the Noble Eightfold Path. That in turn can concentrate on morality, concentration, and wisdom. Other leaders such as The Journal of Educational Research offer similar insights. But then how to achieve root this dissonance time and conflict? Dr. Ramon Gallegos says that the conflict is generated by neglect, i.e., when consciousness is not perceiving the totality of the now, and the thought, which is time, faces the man’s life with the memory information, thus resulting the conflict. I must admit that this for me, I was totally unknown. I didn’t think, nor imagined that this correlation of variables could be set. I admit I am a fragmented educational model product while training professional and the analysis of the problems of economic science, nor analyzed dialectic through their laws, I were timely and sufficient to generate the remote idea.

We have become accustomed to observe and analyze economic and social phenomena that affect the surrounding reality of man, but never their internal problems. Now I understand that through meditation as a personal resource, could have helped greatly despite the little experience lived by the short-sightedness of chronological age, says Dr. Ramon Gallegos, the root of the conflict is the neglect, since that degree of consciousness to perceive reality as a whole but fragmented and not now the reality has not been reached, is continuous in the conflict. We actually live with much neglect, modern living and consumption still seizing our attention making us mechanical and automatic in our decision-making. A pleasant experience was the of having thought about the trilogy holistic and the school environment of the Instituto Tecnologico de San Luis Potosi.

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