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The holistic education of Ramon Gallegos is an extremely important and recent emerging field which generalizes enough with Vanguard, appropriate methods for a better education. The holistic education aims to help that widely known or spread to depth the correct path of the teachings and methods, educational strategies that comprises the human being in its entirety and not fragmented. The holistic vision is a vision of totality of reality, comprehensive vision of educational processes in a broad sense for that reason comprehensive holistic educational process is necessary in society to improve the teaching methodological processes. In the holistic education process you will know and should be applied with total values such as responsibility, interacting with teachers students with a vision integral, developing skills that facilitate the treatment between teachers and students and best variety of knowledge, creative, who have freedom of opinion, of proposal and contribute to a better relationship of learning with the cooperation and collaboration of both parties to be a better process of integral vision whereas the environment and at the same time responding to the demands of the productive sector of upcoming professionals. The perception of holones’s new holistic education can be seen as composed, capacity of adaptation, transcendence and dissolution, emerge holarquicamente by its transcendence auto capability, each emergent Holon transcends and includes predecessors, etc. The emerging culture of the 21st century is the consequence of having lived for three centuries a model civilization based on the principles and values of conventional mechanistic science are experiencing them today, widespread destruction of the planet’s natural resources such as the felling of trees, animals in danger of extinction, environment contaminated both in cities such as habitat natural proliferating pollution of aquifers, extermination of species of animals, genetic alterations of insects, altered virus returning after having been controlled and diseases like AIDS that are currently a problem and a challenge for the human race and the extermination of the planet, as well as international conflicts and the struggle of power and arms salesfight and independence from the yoke of the economically dominant global group from each country, problems of corruption, dehumanization, deep alarming increase of depression, stress and other disorders in children and young people as he says, points out that we live in a chaotic point in the history of mankind, speaking of crisis which is both an opportunity and a conflict.

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