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ENRIQUE LoPEZ ALARCoN (1881-1948) but we cannot offer you flowers, that in April, glorious spring, were to form the three colors that glazed the cendal of flag; but still has to the vate the day of poem by liberty Spain. Enrique Lopez Alarcon. THE voice of a PLAYWRIGHT MALAGUEnO poet, playwright and Malaga journalist exiled in Panama, Santo Domingo and Cuba, a country where he died, is a representative of the poetic theatre started in Spain in the early 20th century by Francisco Villaespesa and Eduardo Marquina, and which was continued, among others, by Ramon Goy de Silva, Luis Fernandez Ardavin, Joaquin Dicenta, Joaquin Montaner, Godoy Sala de RamonAntonio and Manuel Machado, Fernando Lopez Martin, Pedro dry Munoz and Miguel Echegaray; in his exile he had to dedicate himself, like so many others, to journalism. In tribute to Villaespesa, who had become ill and despondent of America, held in Spanish in Madrid on January 25, 1932 Theatre, to which was attended by the President of the Republic, Aniceto Alcala Zamora, he intervened along, with Manuel Machado, Eduardo Marquina, Fernandez Ardavin, reciting poems to Almeria poet and friend. Enrique Lopez Alarcon was born in Malaga on June 22, 1881 and died in Havana in 1948. He attended his primary studies in his hometown with the Jesuits from where he joined the University of Granada to study philosophy and literature. With twenty-two years he moved to Madrid, where he worked as editor of numerous publications La epoca, La Tribuna, new gospel, El Mundo, the intransigent and La Manana.

Founder of the newsletter and the literary newspaper was Gil Blas and director of the Spanish Theatre of Madrid. During the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco, he frequented the anarchist circles, collaborating in their newspapers. In his exile, after brief stays in Panama and Santo Domingo, he reached Havana, where he died in 1940.

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